Money and The Human Condition

Money and the Human Condition

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When so much is at stake, family desires, financial security, retirement, most people have little if any understanding of financial matters, investments or how the economy works. Nor do they assume it is anything they need to know. They look at the change in their 401K each quarter and wonder, “How did that happen?”

This book was written in a way that makes it easy for the average person to understand. His descriptive examples throughout the book of his hands on, personal anecdotes keep it interesting and easy for the reader to relate with. Obey explains how self interest is the motivating factor in everything we do. How self interest dictates our family dynamics and collectively, the society we live in and the world as a whole. It’s the driving force that makes up the Human Condition. Doug’s common sense approach in explaining complex and sophisticated economic topics makes it fun and keeps the reader engaged.


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